Today I got my Emily back.

This morning I got up at six am with about five hours of sleep under my belt and got myself ready for the day and finished a couple of house tidying tasks before heading out to pick Emily up. Driving into the city was a pain as I forgot it would be peak hour traffic but I took the opportunity to put my favourite songs playlist on shuffle and sing along very loudly. I picked up Emily from her dad’s place and it was just so good to see her in the flesh again, to hear her actual voice and to hold her hand. We headed home and I had to start work and she, very sleep deprived, sat on the couch watching Unladen Swallow vods and napping, with a break in the middle when her mum popped around for a visit. Once I was finished we went out and got some prescriptions filled and then some lunch and then rushed home for our No Man’s Sky stream. Our couch space date this week was really super lovely and chat was really nice and interactive. We played until a little bit after dinner and then spent the rest of the evening with Emily dozing on the couch while I fiddled with things on the laptop and watched YouTube.

Tomorrow I’m working in the city and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on things which I’m actually feeling anxious about but I’m not sure what I can do about that other than try to make sure I deploy my good focus tools that I can sometimes use to actually be productive.

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