Today (Saturday) I streamed too long.

I got up early and did all my prep stuff and then when I went to change BMO’s water he climbed up my arm quick as a flash and started giving me kisses. Getting him back in the cage cost me a solid twenty minutes so I started the stream half an hour late. As we went, however, we chatted a LOT. We talked about some trans stuff and some queer stuff and some travel stuff and a lot of food stuff and I only went half an hour over four hours but boy we’re me and my voice exhausted by the end of it. I had a little nap on the couch afterwards and then when Emily got home we went and got bakery lunch.

The rest of the afternoon and evening mostly consisted of watching Roll20 presents The Sprawl and me tinkering with The Republic and Emily mostly resting.

Tomorrow we don’t have much planned which is good cause it’s a fasting day so any achievements at all will count as a major win.


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