Today (Friday) I added npc stats back into The Republic because I had a migraine.

This morning I headed to the clinic near my house to get a blood test first thing in the morning which took an hour and a half of waiting instead of fifteen minutes and made me late for a work meeting.

Work after that was basically just meetings. Dave rocked up and brought chocolate and we went and got bakery lunch. After work we sat around in the lounge for a bit and I had a nap. Eventually Emily disappeared to her mum’s and Dave and I say and tinkered with our different projects, him with the Monadnock soundtrack and me with The Republic. I started to feel a bit weird after a bit and then worked out that the Chocolate we’d been eating was had triggered a migraine, which I only get from certain foods. We went and got some Chinese takeaway for dinner and agree that and kept working until my head got bad enough that we decided to stop and watch Robot Wars instead.

Tomorrow I’m gonna stream Darkest Dungeon in the morning and maybe do some kind of dev in the afternoon?

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