Today I left work early.

This morning I was super tired due to incredibly poor sleep last night. I headed into work and had a long conversation with a manager about how I’m handling my stress levels (I’m not but there’s not much they can do about it). I got to listen to Bluejay’s book club stream and then Luke’s game design stream as I worked which was nice but then I ended up having a panic attack from seeing some of the shit people are already having to deal with as plebiscite fallout. I decided that heading home early was a good plan so I left, grabbed some lunch, and caught the train home. I headed around to Julia’s place because that’s where Emily was and we had cookies and tea and Game of Thrones before Emily and I headed back to our own house where we had tasty stew for dinner and then Emily went and did photo editing while I sat on the couch, watched roll20 presents The Sprawl, and worked on The Republic which I made some good progress on.

Tomorrow I’m working from home and Dave is coming over so I’m looking forward to it but I’m also aware that I’m pretty emotionally drained and also depressed right now so I might not be as sociable as I’d like of myself.

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