Today I had a bath.

This morning I was a little slow to my desk, but once I was there I managed to focus pretty well and just take note of the things I would have been distracted by to deal with later. Despite that however my day was still super anxiety inducing as I was constant being hounded about various problems with a product that I manage. Eventually though the work day was over and I got distracted by Andrew Gilles and John Harper talking about game design on stream for so long that I didn’t actually get around to my own Darkest Dungeon stream until 4. I streamed for most of the evening and made some progress in Darkest Dungeon, though the Hag wrecked me again. Afterwards I ended up having a nice bath and listening to Campaign Podcast to try and relax and get shed some stress points of my own which worked to a certain degree.

Tomorrow I’m working in the city and I’m so not looking forward to it but hopefully I’ll just be able to dissociate the whole day away or something. I should probably be hoping to be able to focus on my work and solve my problems but I don’t think I’m anywhere near a headspace that healthy at the moment.


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