Today I tweeted about Emily.

Emily and I headed into town on the train together this morning. It rained a lot last night, my shoes have holes in the bottom and my feet got wet.

In the office I tried real hard to keep on top of what I was supposed to be doing but I was incredibly dull and so instead I maybe started a twitter thread about the things that make Emily unique, special, and exceptional and just kept posting to it whenever work was boring throughout the day. Others joined in too which was real nice. In the end I forgot to get lunch while I was working because my tummy has been upset from stress so at the end of the day, when Emily met me outside my office, we decided to go and get dinner at The sushi train nearby which was just magical. It was like a big dose of narrative straight up and it was lovely. Afterwards we got hot chocolates and made our way home to our house where I spent the evening playing No Man’s Sky and Emily did some crafting to make herself a new shirt for AVcon this weekend.

Tomorrow I’m fasting and working from home which is fine but then I’ve got a bunch of stuff I have to do in the afternoon to prepare for AVcon which I’m worried I might struggle with.


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