Today I hung out with Melody.

We had a lazy morning in bed this morning but I managed to be up and about and out of the door by eleven thirty which I considered a win. I managed to navigate to Melody’s place by memory which I thought was pretty good having been there only once before and I even managed to tone the playlist on my phone so it finished as I pulled up. Melody and I spent the day mostly just talking about roleplaying games just a whole bunch and I basically kept being like “check out this cool thing I made!” over and over. We watched a couple of Adam vods and played some Space Team and then suddenly it was ten o’clock at night and time for me to head home.

Tomorrow I’m gonna try and get some game dev done during the day and then we will be streaming The Great Long Dark on I Am Not Trying To Kill You in the evening which I’m keen for even though it’s because we have to skip apocalypse world for a week.

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