Today I just played games.

I got up early this morning so I could get myself showered and ready to stream playing Armello with Andrew. Unfortunately when I went to stream I discovered Armello wouldn’t launch on my computer so I super quickly got Emily’s machine set up for streaming and then we jumped in and Andrew talked me through the basics of the game which I picked up very slowly but did eventually pick up. We played through two games where Andrew won one and a computer won the other and it was really fun and the game is really beautiful.

After Andrew had to head off I played an hour and a bit of Darkest Dungeon on stream by myself and then, once I was done, popped in to watch Adam play PUBG with Bluejay for. A few minutes before going to pick up Emily. We came home and I headed up left over Chinese from last night for lunch and then Bear and Alison arrived for DnD. Except Bear had a present for me. An actual hardcover copy of Blades In The Dark and I am so stunned and overjoyed and feeling very very loved.

Once we did actually start playing DnD though it was great. We managed to avoid the only combat for the session but had a lot of great intense to moments including me doing a really good voice for a character I’ve had trouble with I the past and every one was suitably annoyed and intimidated.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go hang out with Melody and we can talk about games stuff which I’m really excited about.


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