Today I mostly just kept on going.

I got up in time to go to work in the city today but I was so incredibly exhausted that I had to call in sick so I could get an extra hour and a half of sleep and even then getting out of bed was still really tough. I got to my desk and spent the day troubleshooting silly issues for one of our products across multiple clients except one of those clients ended up being one that it seems like I have a panic response every time they come up. As a result I spent the last half of the day with music turned up real loud on my headphones and then kept doing that after work was over. Emily got home at dinner time and we had a small but important discussion about how we were planning our week before having some dinner and heading out to a meeting about village communications. The meeting ended up being more productive than it probably seemed while we were in it which was good but I walked out with even more anxiousness than when I walked in so back at home I focused on playing No Man’s Sky and taking pretty pictures in that to help calm myself before bed.

Tomorrow I will be working in the city unless I’m unwell again in the morning but then I get to come home and do a little Monadnock work with Emily and Dave for coworking day which I’m looking forward to.


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