Today I watched the Playstation E3 show at work.

This morning Emily came into town with me on the train. At work I didn’t have too much to do so when the Playstation show at E3 started I grabbed my morning tea, queued up a bunch of boring paperwork, and then processed it as I watched the hour of playstationyness. The things I was most excited about, specifically, Uncharted the Lost Legacy and horizon zero dawn stuff were all frontlines and a lot of the stuff people got hype about after that I didn’t care for. I was sad not to see more about the Last Of Us part 2. After that show the rest of the day was mostly just working on product development which I quite enjoy. After work Dave drove us to the game dev meetup in Goodwood which was really pleasant but a bit cold. Eventually we headed home after socialising to at least my limit and Dave came in for a cup of tea which turned into hanging out and chilling until way too late in the evening but it was really nice.

Tomorrow I’m working from home. I’m not sure what else to expect from it. I’ll probably be moody due to being both tired and hungry.


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