Today I made a Trello board.

We slept in a little, I got up and had my long shower while Emily had a bath, it was fucking exhausting. We had breakfast and then I tried to do some work on Monadnock, realised I didn’t know where to start, and made a Trello board instead and blamed Dave for it. I opened several thread of potential productivity, had a minor lockup, and then decided to play Overwatch instead. I scored a couple of loot boxes, which, following current trends, contained mostly trash, and then went about doing my makeup and getting set up for streaming. Unfortunately one of our players wasn’t able to play today so the stream ended up being cancelled for a later date. Instead I watched The Sprawl vods and painted my nails and then Em and I watched American Gods together before bed.

Tomorrow I’m heading back into work in the city but I’m looking forward to it because afterwards Emily and Dave and I are all going to Arggg for the evening which should be lovely.


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