Today I got the hiccups.

I was so cold and tired and hungry and nauseous this morning as I was getting ready but then when I got it my car, the windscreen was frozen over so the amusing farce of defrosting it made me giggle a little. Then I got drive through breakfast and it was warm in my car and the winter dawn sun was beautiful and I had happy music playing on my car stereo and it was lovely. I even got to see Damon to catch up over morning tea once I was at work. Around midday though I started to crash and I struggled to even get myself up from my desk to get lunch. When I got the hiccups at four o’clock I gave it half an hour and then left work because couldn’t think for hiccuping. I feel asleep on the train home which gave me a break from the hiccuping for a bit but they came back a little later while we were out getting Indian for dinner. Back at home I worked on my website while watching Adam’s Court of Swords GM prep stream and huddling on the couch hiccuping and being thankful for the small gaps in which it would stop. It seems now that they’ve stopped properly but it was pretty much five hours of spasms this evening. I hate the hiccups and if I never hiccup again I’ll be glad.

Tomorrow is a short Friday but also a team meeting so I still have to go to work in the city, which will likely suck due to it being a fasting day.


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