Today I tried not to let my brain pull me into molasses.

It was cold this morning. I put on as many layers as possible. Short John, my new 88 corolla has a working heater which is nice. Emily came with me for part of the train trip and I napped for the rest. At work I was tired, then I was depressed, then I was anxious, and then depressed again. On the plus side I had a playlist from Emily, news of her good day, and friends to complain near incessantly at. I managed to not have a panic attack about being tightly cornered into my train seat by a big old dude on an already packed train and came home to my amazing partner who made weird dinner and played World of Warcraft with me and Alison until bedtime.

I did do one of those self evaluation tests for depression, anxiety, and stress today as well just because I haven’t checked in line that in a while. Those tests are good because they ask you questions and then tell you what you’re saying back to yourself in a certain way. Listening to that, I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be avoiding my GP and psych like I am. I should probably get over my hangups about meds also.

Tomorrow I have to visit the vehicle registration office after work on a fasting day. I will need support cause it’s gonna suck.


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