Goblins In A Trenchcoat

Goblins In A Trenchcoat is a game I wrote for the 2017 200 word RPG challenge. It is a roleplaying game specifically designed to be played via Twitter polls or similar formats.

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Goblins In A Trenchcoat

Host, explain to your audience that they are a crew of tiny aliens inside a humanoid robot, a host of spirits within the mind of some poor victim, or a stack of goblins in a trenchcoat.

Explain the tricky position the group finds themselves in and what their goal is and that they are only ever able to perform these four actions:

1) Violence 2) Flight
3) Interrogation 4) Resolution

Explain the immediate situation and poll your audience to decide on one of the four actions. If there is a draw, choose the action with the lowest number from the tied choices. Once an action is chosen, roll a d4. If the result of the d4 is the same as the chosen action, the action is successful without complication. If the d4 result shares only a single axis with the chosen action, that action is only partially successful or the success comes with a cost. If the d4 result shares no axes with the chosen action, that action is unsuccessful and the situation becomes worse. Narrate what happens until another action is required and then poll again. Continue until the group achieves their goal or the situation becomes untenable.



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