Footprints is a game I wrote for the 2017 200 word RPG challenge. It is a game whose rules require you to change the game in certain ways and then give it away to other players for them to then explore and change.
It inspired by Risk: Legacy and USB Minecraft worlds where you give it away when you die.
In 2018 I rewrote the rules a little to make them less esoteric and created a version which you can buy from print-on-demand store Redbubble.

Pre-printed Footprints notebook on Redbubble
Footprints PDF
The original Footprints on the 200 Word Rpg Challenge Site
Footprints on


There is an other place.

It is called

You get there by

Print this on paper, fill in the blanks above, then redact this sentence.

One person take the role of guide, others the role of players.

Players each create a character.
Name them, give them pronouns and a core belief, describe what they look like.
Assign them a score between -1 and 3 for each of these stats:
Quick, Strong, Hale, Smart, Odd, True. Make sure the total is less than 10.

Together with this document, tell a story where the characters enter the other place and what happens there. Players describe their characters’ actions and intentions, always answering the question “what do you do?” The guide describes everything else with input from this document and the players, always answering the question “What happens next?” Together fill the other place with wonder and danger, always answering “What does that look like?” Ask questions and listen for the answers. Play to find out what happens.

The guide takes notes of what is important, adding to this document clearly and concisely. They add new rules about how things work in the other place and describe things that have been discovered through play: People, places, objects, mysteries, etc.

When a character attempts something non-trivial, roll 2d6 and add whichever stat the GM says applies. If the result is more than seven they succeed. If less than ten the success is partial or comes at a cost. Otherwise the GM says what happens.

When you finish playing a session, pass this document on to someone else.



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