Today I lost at Magic.

This morning once I was up and about (Emily was up early for a PT session that got cancelled so she went for a walk) I organised myself some breakfast and then tried to work out the vods for last night’s I Am Not Trying To Kill You stream which ended up being complicated but in the end I worked out how to do what I needed with kdenlive. A little before twelve we headed down to Willunga for lunch with Julia’s family which was nice enough but felt I a little distant today taking to them and especially Julia for some reason which was frustrating. On the plus side every time I walked past a mirror I was surprised by my reflection and started smiling and posing and just generally feeling great cause I love how this hair looks on me. After lunch we did some dollhouse assembly, or Emily did, and then we got it the Magic cards for a game of commander. Rhys had a new pre-built commander deck which did totally destroy us but it was fun to get the cards out considering how long it’s been since we last played.

Once we were finished getting beaten and made our way home I managed to get the vods uploaded to YouTube and finished off the dishes while we watched the last of the Court of Swords that’s out and started catching up on Nebula Jazz.

Tomorrow is gonna be a fasting day and working from home which is really confusing because of how today was a public holiday so I am going straight from no work to working from home such seems weird.


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