Today I got a haircut.

I’ve had the same hair for pretty much my entire adult life, even through gender transition. I realised a while ago that although I wear it in a pretty standard way it’s the same way that a bunch of my favourite characters from games and other media wear their hair and I’ve resonated with that, found strength in sharing a look with my heroes. But I’m going to GXaus this weekend and I need my look to be extra cybergay so after spending the morning having breakfast and then doing some website work for one of Emily’s clients we headed up McLaren Vale and I had my first proper serious fem haircut. I showed Anne, the hairdresser, a bunch of random pictures of cyberpunk bobs and then a bunch of pictures of Sombra from Overwatch and then they did crazy shit with my hair for four hours and at the end I looked fully ready to pilot a giant robot or hack a corporate mainframe and I am chuffed as fuck.

When we got home we took some pictures with the good camera and then I headed straight to my desk to start preparing for today’s episode of I Am Not Trying To Kill You. I didn’t get much prep time and it was tight work to wrap up the story line in four hours but we did it and it was so fucking epic. Tomorrow I’m gonna have to edit the vods and put them up online as quick as possible because I am so freaking proud of how amazing that session was. Between my amazing hair and my GMing skills in pretty sure I’m at near peak attractiveness to Emily right now. Oh and we got accepted for the Indie Games Room. And the schedule for GXaus with all the things I’m in came out. God I feel amazing right now.

Tomorrow we’re gonna go and have lunch with Julia’s family and just chill out for the day. We might even get some game work done.


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