Today I relaxed with my wife.

We lazed about in bed for a good long time this morning. We finally emerged for hot cross buns and feijoas for breakfast which we had while I started my own journey in No Man’s Sky. My starting planet was a lot harsher than Emily’s so I’m having a very different experience all around. Of course, the GM in me has to name every single thing so that does slow me down a bit but it’s a lot of fun. I just wish it weren’t so easy to accidentally submit an unfinished name, both planets I’ve been to now have at least one typo species.

After a few hours of space exploration we headed out to the shops where Emily went in and got things because I was unshowered, unshaven, and still wearing my onesie.

When we got back we had some lunch and then decided to have a bath and watch some Court Of Swords which we did for a very long and relaxing lovely time. When we finally emerged I put my onesie back on and we continued Court of Swords as I did some of the dishes and Emily started sorting out the secondary bookshelf which she continued even as I gave up on my task and retired to the couch to play Age Of Emipres 2 for the rest of the evening. Her organising of the bookshelf was super impressive though and its so nice to have that corner of the house sorted out now even if it does mean getting rid of some books we don’t really want anymore.

Tomorrow we’ve got my streaming show I Am Not Trying To Kill You in the evening where we’re going to try and wrap up the story of the MountainBoat crew and I’m genuinely worried about whether or not I have the skill required to wrap it up nicely but I trust my players and I’m learning to trust my own skills so we’ll see how that goes. Before that though, Emily and I might go out on a little date! We’ll see how we feel in the morning.


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