Today I made people have a religious experience.

This morning I maybe slept in a while and then when Emily got home I was sitting on the floor next to BMO’s cage playing with him while wearing a towel because I got distracted on the way to the shower. Eventually I had some breakfast and a shower and then sat down to do some really cool makeup for GMing. I tried using multiple colours of eyeshadow for the first time which made a cool gradient and tried doing some cool shapes with my eyeliner which weren’t as neat as I would have liked but I’m gonna keep practicing cause cool makeup is so much fun! Once we were all ready for the day we headed out and got some lunch and by the time we’d gotten home and eaten it Bear and Alison arrived for DnD. The game included some character creation and a lot of bushitting and even a little nap for Alison and I but we managed to introduce the new character, set out on a quest, encounter some fire beetles and a church whose enchantment magic gave characters who failed a wisdom save an overwhelming religious experience of universal unconditional love which I thought was cool but obviously it wasn’t as cool for my players as they mostly reacted bitterly and angrily towards the situation which I had assumed some would but I had hoped at least one character would take something meaningful on board from the experience. At least they decided not to fully destroy the stained glass that made the effect. There was also some cool stuff with a Dwarven wizard the players know from their past being magically sick from trying to cast a resurrection spell on himself as he was dying and thus fucking it up and the players having to deal with his feverish body hovering four feet off the ground at all times.
It was a pretty neat adventure and I had a surprising amount of feels but I also learned some valuable GMing lessons which is always good.

Tomorrow I’m pretty sure we’re having a chill day and I’m gonna finally do the dishes.


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