Today I got stuff done even if it was stupid.

I ended up being slightly late to my desk this morning due to going to sleep too late the night before.

At work I managed to finally run the script than a suspends all the flagged users and get that mess sorted out as well as finish the upgrade from yesterday.

Dave arrived at around morning tea time and had to leave temporarily to go get his charging cable for his laptop at around the time I was knocking off. By the time he got back however I was knocking off again after having to revert the morning’s suspensions after having been called up by my manager who explained that the client thinks we’ve done the suspensions wrong because they seem to have changed their criteria since confirming the dataset of records for suspension. I was furious but didn’t have the energy to do anything with it other than complain bitterly over slack.

Eventually Emily had to go to her mum’s house and dinner time and then Dave got fish and chips while I made myself a cuppa soup and a piece of toast for dinner. We did a little extra work and I managed to submit our expression of interest for the Indie games room at avcon before retiring to the couch to watch new QI with the genuinely brilliant Sandy Toksvig which Dave Eventually joined me for until it was bed time.

I’m pretty sure I’m GMing DnD tomorrow but the only thing I can think about at the moment is all the things I’m gonna eat.


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