Today I nailed things I didn’t even expect to finish.

I was tired this morning and ended up being a little late for work, especially as it was wet so I needed an umbrella and tried to walk on the sides of my feet so no water would get in through the holes in my shoes, the weather though was very pleasant it wasn’t cold and the rain just fell straight down without​ and wind so it was quite a calming, soaking, still rain. At work I finally got a sample dataset to this client to approve so that we could confirm which users in the database needed to be suspended. It’s taken us three weeks now just to get to this point because they keep changing their criteria. I also started working on upgrading a client’s system but discovered I would have to install another piece of software first for which the install script was broken. My manager told me to leave it and to do some overtime from home to completely reinstall the stack and to do it late at night because it would temporarily bring down all the sites in that shared server. So I finished up the rest of my work for the day, forgetting to have lunch until half past three again. I headed home in the rain and find my beautiful wife and we had dinner and then, with Emily’s help, I totally finished my second game for the 200word rpg challenge and submitted them both online! Eventually at eleven pm I logged into the client’s system and realised that reinstalling the stack would probably not work so instead I chased the error through multiple files and multiple packages until I finally found and fixed the broken code in a language I didn’t know and installed the required software successfully and then walked away feeling like the biggest badass in the world and watched a couple more episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine with Emily in bed before sleep.

I was up late tonight and tomorrow is a fasting day so I’m mostly just worried about being a less than best version of myself which I always hate.


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