Today I managed to get some stuff done despite my hunger.

The most frustrating thing about fasting days so far is definitely how clearly I can see my brain being less effective without sufficient fuel. Despite this, I managed to get through this morning’s work work pretty easily, partially because nothing needed me to be 100% on top of my game. Towards the end of my work day Adam started streaming Battlegrounds so I put that on my second monitor and as a part of the banter with chat some really interesting ideas about games that are changed by their players came up so once we’d headed out to get some groceries and things and returned home we sat and watched the rest of the stream together and then I got started working on a new draft for a 200 word RPG that revolved around those concepts. In the end, after working on it for the whole rest of the afternoon I actually had a pretty decent first draft, it was just frustrating to have to work through the slight haze that occupied my head because of the lack of food. I definitely feel like I wouldn’t have been able to achieve even that last week though so maybe my body IS adjusting. After dinner Em and I jumped on WoW with Alison and again I was slightly out of it and kept saying weird things and not being 100% on where I was and what I was doing but we had a lot of fun anyway and it’s always nice getting to play WoW with friends, especially ones as lovely as Alison.

Tomorrow I know work is going to be a bit of an overload but I’m gonna try and remember to use both caffeine and music to my advantage.


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