Today I just wanted to get home to my wife.

Despite being slightly late to work this morning due to the time it took to unload everyting from the car, I actually wasn’t as tired as I expected during work today and I managed to keep myself moderately focused throughout the day which was good. However around morning tea time I got a text from my mum saying that the internet wasn’t working. I thought I might have bumped out a cord as we were packing up last night and winced at the mental vision of my dad having a temper tantrum about the internet not working when he got home so I told mum to check all the cords were plugged in properly which she said she had checked so I agreed to come have a look on my way home from work. On the train home at the end of the day, feeling extremely exhausted at this point, I just zoned out listening to Friends At The Table on my phone and kept going as I drove to my parents’ place. Blessedly my dad was at the quarry and my mum was resting for night duty so I just kept my headphones in, went down to check the modem, spotted a cord wasn’t plugged in, plugged it in, went back up stairs, confirmed the internet was now working and got back in my car and continued on home.

Emily made dinner. We sat on the couch together and I played some of The Last Guardian before we took the laptop into the bedroom and watched Brooklyn Nine Nine while we cuddled under the covers and then traded more stories of our weekend adventures until eventually it was time for sleeps.

Tomorrow is a fasting day so I’m gonna hope my body has started getting used to it by this point and that it will suck slightly less.


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