Today I migrated my entire workspace. Twice.

I woke up in the beautiful morning sunlight on Dave and Sarah’s futon at about 8am this morning, I didn’t want to wake them so I just grabbed my laptop and watch Adam Koebel streaming for a little bit until I fell back asleep. When I woke again it was more like ten thirty which I decided was an appropriate time to awake. Dave also emerged from sleep and eventually also Sarah. We had hot cross buns and then Sarah made bacon sandwiches and we had a chat and then suddenly it was like 1.30 in the afternoon. Still in my onesie but with coat and shoes I drove myself home and really appreciated just how beautiful the day was, only to discover, when I got home, that the internet was down. I panicked, checked in with my neighbour to see if I could use their internet for the evening’s stream only to find that the whole village’s internet was down because someone had vandalised the routing box on the street.

In the end I called my mum and asked if I could use their internet and run the stream from their basement which she said would be fine so I had a shower, got dressed and did my makeup, fed BMO, and then dismantled my computer and bundled everything into the car and headed down to Willunga. In the end between packdown and set up I managed to get everything technical set up in under an hour which felt like an absolute feat of legend but it meant I had a little bit of time to rest in the beautiful afternoon sunlight, collect my thoughts ever so slightly, and make myself some food before the stream.

Emily ended up being a little bit late but I was just so happy to see her when she finally arrived back from Confest and we managed to get her set up and ready to stream pretty quickly after that so it was fine.

The stream itself was pretty good. I felt like I wasn’t GMing at 100% and so my hypercritical eyes saw the episode as a little muddy but I’m assured by everyone else that that wasn’t the case. In the end I had to wrap it up a little before was ideal because I got some grumpy text messages from my dad who was annoyed by the noise as he was apparently trying to sleep. I closed it all up neatly and we bundled everything back into the car and headed home where I got to cuddle my beautiful wife and hear stories about her amazing adventures.

Tomorrow I’m heading in to work and I’m worried I’ll be tired but mostly I’m just looking forward to the evening that I get to spend with Emily just hanging out together.


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