Today I went walking on a fasting day. 

I slept in as long as possible this morning so that I could push breakfast back and not have to spend as much time being hungry. In the end after having my long shower and getting dressed and made up I finally had my breakfast after 12 o’clock.

I had planned on getting two draft for game designs done today, one of which I made good headway on after breakfast but I had also organised to go for a walk with my mum so she and my sister showed up and we went for a good walk around the village which was great except for the number of three corner jacks still around that go straight through my thongs. 😒

After the walk I tried doing more work but ended up really struggling to make my brain work. Instead I ended up letting BMO out for an extended fly and play and cuddle session which was just great and I need to do a better job at remembering that BMO cuddles, like music, help improve my mood drastically if I can just remember to employ them.

As the evening wore on after putting BMO back in his cage and failing to make any further progress on either of the games I made myself some dinner despite my headache. I winged the numbers on dinner a little bit but I’m pretty sure I came in pretty close to exactly my limit on calories. The eggs I had with my toast, however, weren’t as completely cooked as I’d have liked so after only a single episode of Swan Song I retired to bed with a grumpy tummy and a sore head from not drinking enough throughout the day.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I’ve been invited to attend the flowering of the cross at my mum’s church which I used to go to as a kid and I STILL haven’t decided if I want to go. I want to be able to go and enjoy the service without feelings of being fake because I’m an atheist and feelings of being judged cause I’m trans. I just have to work out if I can push those things aside to gain the spiritual value out of the celebration. 


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