Today I went to two birthday parties.

I slept in a little longer than expected this morning, but despite that and despite having to work real hard to fight off some serious post-shower dysphoria and angst, partially with the help of some friends online, I still managed to make it to Nana’s birthday lunch picnic at Old Noarlunga only five minutes late.

The family lunch was actually surprisingly lovely and peaceful. I love how much less friction there is in my relationship with Evangeline since she got back from England. All in all it was just a really nice time.

When I got home I had planned on playing WoW or doing some work but instead found my self napping long and hard. When I finally came back up I spent ages taking to a trans kid who is struggling with all the genuinely shitty things in their life while I struggled to make myself afternoon tea because of depression and wife being away. Once afternoon tea was finally achieved at nearly dinner time I took moment to give BMO some cuddles before finally heading out to our neighbour Michael’s 70th birthday.

I was totally nervous about having to be social with a crowd of people I only know as mostly aquantances but in the end my social skills stepped right up to the challenge and my anxiety totally put it’s head down and I had a really nice evening and was there until much later than I expected just chatting and talking. By the time I got home in the end it was late enough that I just curled up in bed and read things on my phone until it felt like time to sleep.

Tomorrow I’m actually going to fast and it’s gonna really suck being home alone but hopefully I’ll be able to get some game dev work done and play some WoW without feeling too miserable.


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