Today I didn’t fall in a pile.

This morning Emily and Annie and I all got ready at the same time. I gave Emily lots of hugs and kisses and then they left for confest as I left for work.

Work itself was fine enough, I had things to do and reasonable time to do them in without going too hard.

I ended up being there a little late which is fine because tomorrow is a public holiday so any extra time to make up for that is good.

Once I was home again it was already dark so I didn’t want to turn on too many lights for fear of waking BMO so I crashed on the couch to read Twitter and rapidly descended into a vortex of hunger and sadness where I was too hungry and sad to cook and eat food but that was what I needed to not be hungry and sad. Eventually I used a podcast to power myself up enough to make and eat food, after which I managed to make my way online to play WoW for the rest of the evening even if I didn’t really get to play directly with Alison because the starting quests for a new character at level 100 take so long.

Tomorrow is a public holiday which I wasn’t really prepared for. We’re having a lunch for Nanna’s birthday which sucks because tomorrow will be a fasting day for me. Maybe I’ll move it to Saturday so I can join in party food. I don’t know.


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