Today I did a lot of word processing.

This morning we had a bit more of a sleep in and a nice slow breakfast. Eventually I ended up dressed and at my desk and started chipping away at my parents’ paperwork which I ended up finishing around one. After a light lunch I took BMO into the bathroom for some flying and play time while Emily valiantly cleaned the cage.

Once that was done I returned to my desk to finish off the Gear update for The Republic and uploaded it to the internet. I had planned to do some actual digital game development after that but my spoons were pretty much gone so I retired to the couch and we watched Star Trek and Black Sails until it we went to bed early.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be going to work in the city and meeting my new manager who I’m nervous to meet because he’s an older white guy who said he didn’t need to meet the other staff members including myself before orientation because he “gets along with everyone”. At this rate though I might not make it as I seem to be developing a cold, which I find very upsetting and have no patience for.


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