Today I fell a little bit in love with Jim Kirk. Just a little bit.

We had a nice sleepy time in the morning but managed to get up and ready early enough to go for morning walk without being completely scorched. We listened to an episode of campaign and got just the right amount of sweaty and even finished it off with a donut and it was great.

After the walk we chilled for a bit while a download completed and then, when it was done, we started watching Star Trek, The Original Series, at Emily’s behest. We managed to finish the dishes and rearrange the main bookshelf over the course of the day, all the while being distracted by Star Trek nonsense. It was terrible and excellent and I honestly didn’t expect to like it or the characters as much as I do but here we are.

Eventually after dinner we switched over to No Man’s Sky and icecream to continue the spacefaring theme and I got a little work on The Republic done.

Tomorrow I’m gonna try and focus on getting some work done on at least one of our games. I’m just not sure which at the moment.

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