Today I was pretty sleepy.

I slept in till eight thirty, got up and got ready quick enough to be at my desk for work at nine. Work was frustrating because of clients being stupid but apparently I handled it well. At midday I dropped Emily off at Willunga for the afternoon and then came home and finished the last few hours of work after which I planned to get lunch and bird food. Instead I accidentally had a nap until three thirty. I would have continued but I needed to get bird food before the shop closed so I headed out and got that and a pie from the bakery for lunch and got served by the door energetic chatty girl and it was nice because she chatted to me about Lovato stuff and was just really friendly. It’s funny how being trans I’m often just pleasantly surprised when people just treat me like a normal human being.

At home I was gonna do some tidying but instead ended up paying with and cuddling BMO for a while and then falling back into my nap until shortly before Dave arrived.

We went and got fish and chips for dinner and I was a total social weirdo talking to the girl at the fish and chips shop. Back at home we finished our dinner and then cracked out the laptops.

I added a safety feature to We Are Seeds that Dave had already done the backend for and Dave worked on a work project that is giving him trouble. We were going to put on music or YouTube or something but in the end we just sat on the couch working together for the whole evening and it was fine.

Tomorrow I’m running DnD and one of the players is 14 so I’m gonna have to be careful but I’m also super excited.


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