Today I travelled in weird directions.

I drove in to the train station at Seaford this morning after getting ready blearily from a lack of quality sleep due to the very muggy night.

I caught the train from Seaford to the city where I did pretty well as far as being productive but then was frustrated when I found out we can’t bill the client for a bunch of that time. I also forgot to have lunch until three thirty again.

After work I caught the train back from the city to Seaford and then drove back towards the city to get to Dave and Sarah’s. Once I was there and greeted and we had all eaten we then got in the car with the cat they had been borrowed and drove up North of Port Adelaide to return said borrowed cat and then we returned to their house where we just hung out and chatted for ages which was absolutely lovely, especially as I got to chat with Sarah who I don’t usually get to chat with as much. Eventually Emily arrived and joined our chats which accidentally went until 12:30am and then we drove home to be in bed just after 1am.

Tomorrow I’m working from home for the first part of the day but I’m not sure about the rest. I’m probably gonna be pretty tired so a nap is probably going to happen. It would be good if a walk also happened. That would be nice.

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