Today I got a bit dehydrated.

Emily was up super early this morning getting ready for work and I only had to be up regular early to drop her off.

I got back home and had a quick shower and fed BMO which meant I could nap for another hour before starting work. The sun was dancing over the bed and it was just super nice and relaxing. Once I started work though it was super annoying. Too many tasks that I don’t know how to start freaking me out so I get distracted and waste time and then I still haven’t done anything. I was glad when the end of the work day rocked around and I could switch onto doing my parents paperwork because I knew what I needed to do a d there wasn’t a concrete time limit. After a certain amount of work on that though I decended into browsing Twitter and eventually a nap before finally going to pick Emily up so we could come home and have dinner and watch Brooklyn Nine Nine until bed time.

Tomorrow I’m working in the city and then Emily is filming something in the city until late so I’m not sure what the logistics of that are gonna look like but I guess we’ll find out.

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