Today I made games at the zoo in the rain.

This morning I was a bit slow getting ready because I was tired from the night before. 

After breakfast while I was getting ready Emily did some last minute graphical assets for We Are Seeds which I tried to weigh in on which was, as often is the case, a bad idea because we clearly have very different perspectives on these things. But what she produced was brilliant as soon as I shut up as usual.

I ended up having to borrow a jumper from Emily’s dad which Emily decided pushed my outfit firmly into “adorable 90s hacker” aesthetic which I was fine with.

After waiting out some rain and getting a little extra work done we headed out and got the bus down to Frome Street where Emily and her Dad headed into WOMAD and I went to the zoo. I had to renew my membership today and when looking at my driver’s licensed the woman serving me had to ask to confirm that my masculine sounding middle name was actually my middle name and not part of a misprinted hyphenated last name. It was the first time someone’s assumed that that’s not actually my middle name because of my gender which was a nice new experience.
I headed inside, got some hot chips because they were the cheapest thing on the menu, went to sit with the pandas, found they were not on display and so went to sit in the Asian aviary which has these ridiculous red parrots that I love. Most of the birds were hiding because of the wet weather but I found a seat on a bench, sat down and started working. I love working at the zoo, the sounds of the animals and the birds and getting to watch them doing their thing when you look up is just great. Eventually I had to get an umbrella out as the dampness became actual rain. On the plus side some of the crazy red parrots came out to see me.

It was ok with light rain for a while but around four it started raining even more heavily and I started getting properly wet and cold so I packed up and headed off.

I met Emily briefly outside the WOMAD gate and she unloaded a bag onto me and then I caught the wrong bus back to Emily’s dad’s so it took about twice times as long as it should have.

For dinner I reheated the pizza from Friday night and finished that off and spent the evening working on the final bits of We Are Seeds and watching Brooklyn Nine Nine which it turns out lives up to the hype.

Emily got home near midnight and I finished my last We Are Seeds task and submitted it to #ResistJam about forty five minutes later at which point it was so time for sleep.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go back to the zoo and just hang out and do a bunch of user testing on We Are Seeds.


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