Today I made myself move around on a map.

Waking up when it was still dark sucked this morning, but I rested a bit on the train and made it in to work feeling alright.

At work I actually managed to manage my time pretty well, and in my breaks I worked on our #ResistJam entry.

When I got home from work I sat with BMO while Emily was cooking and then after dinner I cracked out the laptop and made serious progress on our ARG front-end. Over the course of the day I managed to get the player icon moving as they walk around, nearby flowers displaying around them, have the flowers hold data from the backend, have the flowers be interactable, and have that interaction based on a backend call. I’m pretty confident the front-end of this is gonna be done by the end of the week, I just hope Dave can find time in his crazy busy schedule for the backend.

Tomorrow I’m working from home but before that I have a psych appointment which means driving all the way into the city and then back home because I can’t afford to park my car near the office. On the plus side we might see Dave for some shared Dev time, maybe perhaps.


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