Today I wrapped up the dungeon. For now.

This morning it was unexpectedly grey and rainy. Our plans for going out to the beach and the Mulberry tree rapidly became plans of staying in, drinking tea and chatting. I took the time to actually prep stuff for DnD and ended up creating a pretty kickass adventure.

Our Game ended up consisting of a lot of roleplay, one long combat that was really three that got stuck together, and a prop based puzzle.

The game was super fun and contained SO MUCH great story stuff. I was slightly nervous about my performance but in retrospect I think I did damn well, even if we did run a bit late.

Tomorrow is full work day and I am feeling confident about my focus. After work though in have to hear to the MRC as Emily is recording some voiceovers for the film we’ve been making with the lovely Deanna. It will be really nice to see Deanna but I imagine I’ll be missing BMO by that point because I’m love him so much when I can see him all the time in the cage.


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