Today I cruised through.

This morning we didn’t rush but still managed to not be slow. We managed to do a load of washing, play a bunch of The Last of Us and then spend the middle of the day cleaning the bedroom while it rained and listening to Court Of Swords which was rad because A) we got to watch the rain out the big glass bedroom door and B) now the bedroom is so nice and tidy for sleeps.

Once we were finished in the bedroom we had some lunch and let BMO out for a fly. I did a really good job of playing with him and handling his poor behaviour well today. Emily did an amazing job cleaning the bathroom. I am so so so looking forward to moving him into this new cage we have for him just because then the house will be slightly less of a nonsensical mess and also then he doesn’t have to be sad and lonely in the bathroom when we’re not in there playing with him or letting him out to fly. I am similarly excited for payday this week because it means we can go get shelves for the office and finally vanquish the mess that has resulted from trying to organise the terrible office pile. I’m just excited about making the house more orderly in general.

After BMO went back in his room we sat down to more Court of Swords, dinner, and then some No Man’s Sky before finally getting to go to bed in our tidy bedroom.

Tomorrow I’m at work all day but because of the public holiday for Invasion Day on Thursday I’m only in the office one day this week which is super nice of monetarily annoying.


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