Today I released an update for The Republic and a nicely formatted version of my Magical Realism DungeonWorld playbook and wrote 750 words on my safety in games article and finished a work project and did grocery shopping and cleaned the bathroom and had a nap.

This morning was quite pleasant and normal for a working at home Wednesday but at some point during the first few hours at work the challenge came up, probably from myself, I don’t remember, to release both the latest update for The Republic and my Magical Realism playbook for DungeonWorld before the end of the day to make November my most productive month ever.

I managed to put the finishing touches on the update for The Republic while waiting for some software to install for a work project which I then also managed to finish before logging off at two. Without moving from my desk I immediately started working on my Magical Realism playbook for Dungeon World in inkscape.

After an hour or so of that I took a break to feed BMO, give him some cuddles, and gave the bathroom a clean. When I finally emerged I joined Emily on the couch for a little nap before heading out to do grocery shopping. We were supposed to be finding Emily’s mum a new dressing gown as well but after visiting four shops and finding nothing we had to take a break and get a drink from a coffee place. Emily got me a big candy cane flavoured iced latte thing which was amazing but meant that I was super silly as we were walking around the supermarket. We eventually made it out with groceries and three types of jam and headed to the hospital to visit Emily’s mum. Because I was hyped and would probably be too boisterous to sit quietly around Emily’s mum I waited in the car and, while waiting, wrote 750 words of an article I’m writing about safety in games on my phone. We eventually made it home at about eight o’clock and I basically put away the shopping and sat back down to keep working on the DungeonWorld playbook. I had set myself a stopping time of ten o’clock but I was so close to done at that point that I maybe let myself keep going until 10:40 at which point I put it up on line and headed to bed knowing that I am amazing.

I slept a little rough (60%)

I ate ok (70%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

I didn’t do vocal practice (0 mins)

Tomorrow is a long day at work with some hectic as fuck deadlines but I’m gonna ride my wave of productivity feels through all that jazz.

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