Today I was just caught in the storm.

This morning I was tired in a weird way and my shoulders were unexpectedly sore but I made my way into work and knuckled down and got the work done. The day had a couple of tasks that needed to be dealt with, none of which got finished as they all presented unexpected complications and the list of things I need to get done is just ridiculous at the moment. 

On the way home at the train station a guy dropped his phone and only I noticed and I had to call out to him and everyone looked at me and he smiled really genuinely and thanked me with his beautiful deep voice but having to use my voice loudly in public had already cost me my last spoon. I made it home and crashed on the couch and watched YouTube, and made a T-shirt design, and did some work on The Republic.

I can’t have slept great (50%)

I didn’t eat great either (65%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

I didn’t do any vocal practice (0 mins)

Tomorrow I’m working from home but I’m worried I won’t be able to finish what I need to get done before we leave the house in the afternoon to visit Emily’s mum.


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