Today I had my own priorities.

I received such an outpouring of support after posting a thing last night about how Donald Trump was the first person to ever make me feel fat. I put conscious effort into fighting my own dysphoria this morning, which I often, hilariously, forget to do. I rocked a slightly different look to usual and enjoyed not having to wear dozens of layers of clothing to stay warm. After work we flew BMO which was a rollercoaster of his being lovely and then an asshole. Once that was done though we headed out to see Emily’s mum in hospital but just as we were leaving got a call saying she was too tired for visitors so instead we went to her house and picked up some stuff to take her when we do see her. We also has a really nice time just sitting in her garden in the dappled sun listening to the bees and the birds. Once we were home though I pretty much just sank my entire evening into working on a couple of games projects even though I had said I’d play Don’t Starve with Emily. I feel shitty about that but at the same time I managed to get so much done, it just sucks that it took my whole evening.

We did get time to watch summer YouTube in bed before sleeps though which was nice.

The only downside to my day was finding out that a couple of my favorite people are “maybe but probably not” able to come to my birthday which really sucks because birthdays and friends are really important to me and it often takes me a bit to come to terms with real life when it gets in the way of things. Ultimately it’s ok, I get to see those friends lots anyway I just maybe had a little cry about it in the meantime.

I slept alright (70%)

I ate pretty decently (80%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

I didn’t do vocal practice (0 mins)

Tomorrow is another full work day and I’m kinda dreading it just because of how out of my groove I am with work. I really need to work out what I can do to get my focus back. Here’s hoping that’s tomorrow.


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