Today I drove back down the mountain.

This morning as we left Melbourne I wrote a little sermon about mountaintop experiences and why they have to end and how to handle that on my Twitter for people like me who were feeling the post-event melancholy after games week.

As we drove we discussed our week in retrospect and got into the deep and meaningfuls. The countryside rolled past beautifully and surprisingly quickly. I had two shifts at the wheel and both Dave and I found that the time just seemed to fly by and we were home before we knew it.

Part of our driving discussions included a whole bunch of discussion and game design with Emily about a side project I’ve been mulling over which she’s now totally on board for and we’re both hyped. We’re allowed to have multiple projects on the go at once aren’t we? I mean Multi-award-winning-game-designer John “gritfish” Kane does it, why shouldn’t we?

Getting home at the end of the day was just absolutely lovely. The house was clean and welcoming, I got to sit and give BMO lots of cuddles as he was super happy to see me. We caught up on a bunch of videos posted by our darling friend Sarah and had feels and then we got to retire to our own bed, which is just downright wonderful.

I slept just enough (55%)

I ate mostly snacks (55%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

I didn’t do any vocal practice (0 mins)

Tomorrow it’s straight back into the fray with a full work day. In just hoping I can avoid being distracted by games week thoughts but still keep my inspiration to make more things when I get time.

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