The Republic


The Republic is a tabletop roleplaying game about social justice, element bending, and rolling lots of dice.

It is the descendant of Platonic Mastery, one of the entries in Paul Czege’s 2015 Threeforged RPG design competition, constructed using a blind Exquisite Corpse method by Ashton McAllan, Vincent Baker, and Mark Redacted.

The game sees a group of people who are considered as less than human by their society having learned the forbidden mystical arts of bending the elements and choosing what path they will walk with this gift. It’s a classless fiction first game that uses lots of dice and little math.

Mechanically it uses a unique system where a character’s statistics are primarily represented by a dice pool and player characters advance through the sacrifice of others.

The Republic seeks to suppress you but perhaps, together, you can stand against it.

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