Today I was sightly uncomfortable.

It was gorgeous this morning. I wasn’t cold getting up. I took a minute to admire my changing shape in the mirror before my shower. I got dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. Once I was back at work it was stress time, especially because I think my workload is probably slightly too heavy at the moment. I did fix a couple of tricky issues and was generally pretty productive though my seat next to the window meant that the lovely sunny morning quickly started to bake me. I ended up doing an hour of extra time today just trying get everything tied off and by the time I was finished I was wrecked. Emily and Damon brought mea pie from their walk though because they are sweeties. We let BMO out for a fly which was lovely. He had a nip art both Damon and me but otherwise he was a lovely bird intent on getting the maximum amount of cuddles possible.

After we put BMO away Damon had to head off to avoid the oncoming weather and Emily’s mum arrived to do something with Emily involving slippers. I took the opportunity to nap on the couch to delay having to go get bird food from the shops. I did go and get it after the nap and just as I got home the rain started. I was then gonna do some games work maybe in my computer but I was struck with sudden nausea and dizziness and had to go lie down. I don’t know how long I was down for but it was definitely getting dark by the time I came up. I spent pretty much the rest of the evening playing Overwatch and being awesome D.Va with a break for some DnD stuff and dinner in the middle. The fact that I got Play Of The Game four times and was on the winning side for the majority of my matches as well as regularly appearing in the end of game vote made me feel super awesome and like a real player which is a shitty idea but still… 

I slept pretty well for a full moon (80%)

I ate mostly OK (65%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I have work and then we have the science excellence awards documentary screening so I’ll be in town all day. Hoping I don’t get too tired and crabby before the screening.


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