Today I published my article about games and violence.

I was still super sick today and Emily was away for the first half of the day which made it pretty difficult but I still managed to get my half day work done. While she was out Emily bought Witcher 3 with a little encouragement from my end so I spent the rest of the day eagerly waiting to cuddle up on the couch and watch her sword monsters. In the mean-time I managed to fix https on my server and managed to get through a couple of rounds of drafting on my games and violence piece that I’ve been working on to the point where after having Emily give some bonus feedback I ended up publishing it on my blog! I’m really proud of having written a thing, it’s the most grown up writing I’ve put out since uni and I think it makes interesting points and makes them well. I’m really greatful to the people who helped give me feedback on my drafts cause they definitely made the piece stronger. I’m trying hard to keep my expectations low at the moment because part of me is just so excited about these ideas and is going to be really disappointed if people’s responses are “meh” but so far they don’t seem to be, which is neato.
I slept a little restlessly (45%)

I ate a lot of cheesey carbs (50%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow is supposed to be my long day at work and even working from home I’m wondering if I’ll make it through or if I should just bail. We’ll see how I feel in the morning I guess.

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