Today I didn’t let anything set me back. Including a bee sting to the face.

I was up until three am last night chatting to my cousin and trying to be a good role model but also trying to make a connection with her. My body is no longer equipped to deal with such hours these days. Nevertheless I was up at eight with Emily’s alarm and we were presentable and at the Willunga markets by ten past nine to meet up with Julia and Eli and Emily’s mum Elizabeth. Elizabeth was there on time but apparently Julia and Eli had also been up late hunting Pokemon so didn’t make it to the markets until half past ten. In the meantime we got our grocery shopping done and ordered, waited for and ate breakfasts. Once they arrived we got hot drinks and had a quick chat before Em and I had to head home to continue our day. Shortly after we got home Mum arrived and we all went for my walk around the village. The day was just getting colder and colder at this point so I put on some extra warmth and we headed out. About fifteen minutes into the walk however I felt a sudden pain in my forehead and could hear this buzzing sound and after a second realised there was a bee caught in my fringe which had stung me just above my eyebrow, Emily helped me get the bee out of my hair and remove the stinger and mum suggested that we head back and put some ice on it but I had been looking forward to a proper walk so I decided to just keep on with the walk anyway and just deal with any pain from the sting. Ultimately it was so cold outside that combined with focusing on walking at a reasonable pace I barely noticed it unless I stopped and thought it.

I got a snack from the bakery as a reward and then we headed home. We started work on Monadnock at about two this afternoon with a break for me to have a little nap and perform birdmum duties and then powered through on Monadnock for the rest of the night. While we were working we listened to Bwitched which was a fucking blast from the past and then followed it up with Taylor Swift and Imogen Heap which was fucking lovely. I found myself singing along a lot tonight and not feeling dysphoric about my voice which is awesome despite the very averageness of my singing.

I slept too little (35%)

I ate sparsely (55%)

I exercised despite apian facial trauma (45 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow we have the day to continue our work on Monadnock with minimal interruptions which I am super excited about.


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