Today I was BMO’s bath monitor.

This morning we had a nice little sleep in and then spent some time sitting on the couch eating breakfast and looking at internet things together. Eventually I bundled myself into the shower where BMO decided that he also wanted to shower and spent ages jumping across my shoulders in and out of the shower stream getting completely soaked and having a merry old time. After my shower I took my time getting dressed and then just sitting in the sun by the window before eventually setting out for a walk. It was so nice to go for a walk and not be cold and to finally start catching up on Campaign Podcast which I’ve missed so much for the last few weeks. On my walk I did stop in at the bakery to get lunch only to be told that they don’t accept phone paywave payments anymore so I had to then walk to the service station to get cash out so I could pay for my lunch. Once I got back to the bakery I was all prepared to be grumpy and let them know it and then Daisy was super lovely and friendly and I want sure how to feel by the time I left. In the afternoon we let BMO out for a play and he was pretty nice though a little jumpy, I think because there were lots of birds flying around outside. What I wasn’t expecting was for him to have a second bath, as he usually only wants one every other day or so but apparently today was a two bath day so he soaked himself and everything and everyone around him before it was time for him to go back in his room.

In the evening I did manage to get the dishes done and then we had dinner and then snuggles all while watching vods of Adam Koebel and co playing Ryuutama with a break in the middle to video chat with Sarah and Lloyd which was nice. Eventually we managed to get ourselves up to put the electric blanket on clean sheets on the bed which we then got to climb into after a serious discussion about the new dice mechanics I’ve come up with for The Republic and whether or not they’re completely fucked.

I slept in and it was nice (85%)
I ate tasty things (70%)
I exercised on my walk (45 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I want to try and power through the day. Be productive and valuable at work and then still be helpful at the Perfect Timing rehersal/meeting in the evening.

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