Today I was rescued repeatedly.

I was so tired this morning but couldn’t really sleep past 10:30 because of the light. I still managed to take forever to get through showering and getting dressed so that when Emily suggested I have the second lot of pop-tarts for breakfast it was already nearly midday. The pop-tarts were a good idea and abated the sense of terror that was growing from realising the Oneshot Podcast website was down so there was no way to get an episode of Campaign Podcast for my walk. As much as I love that Podcast I probably shouldn’t plan a day around a specific piece of media the way I plan days around my Campaign Podcast walks. After breakfast I spent some time relaxing, watching Adam Koebel talk about GMing stuf. It also occured to me that it would be unwise to spend the night at home alone this evening with my current moodiness so I texted Julia to see if they maybe wanted to hang out which later resulted in a dinner invitation because I have the best friends. I then discovered that even with the website down I could still access downloads from the one shot secret archive! I grabbed the second lost mandalore episode, bundled myself up and set out on a walk in the surprisingly brisk wind. I ended up getting bakery lunch as a part of my walk but I was so flustered by the fact that they didn’t have any of my favourite pies or any donuts left that I ended up with a chicken parmigiana pie and a mini Oreo cheesecake which were good but not really what I felt like. Plus, I totally forgot to get my pie card stamped 😫.

Once I was home and had eaten my lunch I attempted a nap but was interrupted by BMO politely letting me know he’d like to be let out. We had a really good play session in the lounge room for a while with much wrestling of tissues and dice. After a while I put the flowers I picked up on my walk in the bathroom and cleaned up in there where BMO eventually joined me. I ran a little bath for him when I was done which he thought was great fun but was running me short on time to get ready to go see people. In my rush to leave however BMO followed me out and I had to spend more time coercing him and eventually bundling him up in a towel to get him back in his room. I quickly brushed myself up and headed to Willunga.

This evening I was served a delicious pasta dinner. Got to play my favourite Boardgame with two of my favourite people and got to introduce them to One Punch Man. So good. The difference between the terrible spiral my brain can get into when left alone compared to the feeling of sharing, being heard, and understanding each other during extended conversation with people you fully respect and trust is such a powerful contrast it’s a fucking wonder that I can forget it and think “no-no I don’t need to talk to anyone about these feelings, instead I should just dwell on them longer and harder because they’re so TRUE.”

I’m just so greatful for Emily who supports me, every day, even when she’s busy or not around, for heroes like Kat who make the things I love and inspire me and for deep friends who are there when I’m struggling and are so generous with their attention.

I slept very little and at the wrong time today (15%)
I ate many sweet and enjoyable things (35%)
I exercised a whole walk in the wind (40 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I have a bunch of different errands to run in and around the city so if I get started early I should be able to cover it all.

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