Today I achieved heaps and still managed to feel useless.

I woke up super early this morning and just got up and had a shower all awake-like and everything. It was impressive and weird. Once I had showered and gotten ready I headed to Willunga where I went for a intense but lovely walk with mum during which we had an awesome conversation even if we were huffing and puffing through a bunch of it.
Once we got back to my parents I fixed some IT issues they had been having and headed home.

Once I was home I managed to complete my month’s worth of job searching requirements before we had lunch and a meltdown about Emily’s Nana and her urgent need to get rid of a cabinet full of decorations Emily didn’t want to see lost. It was super stressful and dramatic and awful but in the end Julia was the fucking heronof the day and came and solved everything, helping Emily go and deal with the situation without my needing to be a part of the stress. Instead I had a nap and played with BMO for a while which was great.

Around dinner I managed to get our media server to stream to our PlayStation so now we can watch movies and TV episodes on our television which was neat. We celebrated with One Punch Man and Black Sails. I then had a freakout about how I feel like a useless game designer that doesn’t actually make anything visibly valuable and Emily took the time to comfort me and set me straight. I spent the rest of the evening working on Campaign Podcast fanart and fixing some grammar on my Alternate Humans homebrew with the help of the amazing Sarah Fletcher and her editing skills.

I slept efficiently? (75%)
I ate infrequently (40%)
I exercised a lot (60 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow was going to be the cabinet pickup day but now that’s been solved I guess I’ll try to get some work done before we head into town for Womad/zoo weekend.

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