Today I went shopping.

We went to get groceries first thing after breakfast this morning because we were out of BMO food and we had been given a voucher for a local butcher. Emily has been reading about Japanese food and wanting to make our food-making more efficient so we spent a lot of money on pantry stocking which was very exciting. Once we got home I had a little panic and a nap and then we headed out to do yet more shopping at Marion where Emily had a meeting. We spent too much money on frozen yogurt for lunch and less money on shoes and underwear though I only solved one of my three shoe related problems. I abandoned Emily to her meeting and headed home where I desperately tried to find somewhere that will sell me a birthday present I want to give Emily to no avail and got pretty upset about it. In the end that and watching Mirrorshades and Elementary basically took up my whole evening apart from a lovely break when I let BMO out for some play time and he was super friendly.

I slept restlessly (45%)
I ate frivolously (30%)
I exercised around a mall (15 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow we’re going to see The Danish Girl at the cinema with my Mum which is an idea I’ve been looking forward to but I just wish it weren’t happening on the week where I’m off my meds and all over the fucking shop. I’m just going to have to practice my mindfulness.

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