Today I was kind to myself.

It was difficult doing my Job Search this morning but I completed my monthly requirements. I spent the rest of the day playing with BMO, working on my homebrew DnD 5th Editon Warlock Patron The Mycellium and playing Shadowrun Hong Kong which were all lovely.

I also helped Emily die her hair a new copper and pink colour which is cool but I will have to get used to it yet I think. In the evening after Emily got back from a metting she had to go out to we decided to sit down and watch the 2009 live action Mulan film which I was much more impressed with by the end than I expected at the start. I also didn’t expect that to be the film that made me start unexpectedly crying but I guess that comes with the territory for hrt. Tiger! Turtle! 😭

I slept quite well today (80%)
I ate less well (55%)
I didn’t exercise (0 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I want to try and get Monadnock to load levels from level files.


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