Shadow Of Ares

I’ve got to admit I’m a bit disappointed by the shape of the third stage form of Shadows of Ares. I’ve had a look at some of Victor’s other stuff and I think the subject matter wasn’t down his alley and my super casual voice for some VERY crunchy rules definitely created a language barrier I would have tried to avoid if I’d thought about ESL participants at all. At some point the document went from being an RTF to a TXT as well which didn’t do anyone any favours. As much as I appreciate Victor Andrade’s work on making the game more accessible I think a bunch of his stuff actually diluted the super tight focus I was trying to keep on the game from the amazing fluff text I got from Chris Bennet in stage 1.

My one goal in stage 2 was to take the level of granularity that games like D&D reserve for combat and apply it to the kind of jury-rigging problem solving that stories like The Martian explore. I feel like I probably achieved that and I was hoping that by using an Apocalypse World style core dice mechanic someone else could fill in the holes we found during our playtest (lack of rules for investigation or persuasion etc).

I do suggest people check out the Stage 2 version because I think the RTF and limited scope are actually pretty solid and if people want to work on it with me we can probably build it out into something cool. Though there are a couple of other spacejockey games in threeforged that get the job done more neatly.